©2018 by Song Park Art.

Intimate Anonimity

It is about slowing down the tempo of virtualized society – a world of immediate yet fleeting aesthetics – and being aware of the beauty of timeless moments by sharing my intimate encounters with life through a two-dimensional surface. This is important to me and I can’t forget the moment that I decided to be a painter. It was in my first western art history class where I had a “crush” on paintings through an immediate response to the sense of a timeless moment. Thus, I want to share with viewers my appreciation of painting as an art that has a unique beauty – one that fulfills both poetic and abstract, personal emotions as a reflection of the depth of humanity.

In the same context, my “Intimate Anonymity” series can give viewers insights into a range of intimate moments that anyone can relate to. I intentionally use a perspective that doesn’t reveal the face of the figure in a private setting of space and light. The color I use is intended to develop the psychological atmosphere of the private space, and the subtle gestures of the body slow down the time and open narratives in the painting. To me, this is an insistent rebellion to the constant high-energy flow of visual information often encountered in contemporary life.